While hosting your in5-exported files online is the best route to sharing your content—since all your viewers have to do is click on a link to view your content—there are other ways to share your files.

You can zip the files (altogether, including the assets folder) and send them via email.

The files can then be unzipped and viewed locally by double-clicking on the index.html file in the unzipped (extracted) folder.

A few helpful hints

It's highly recommended that you use a file sharing service (like Dropbox) to send a shared link, rather than sending the files are an attachment.

The reason is that several email clients (like Gmail) block emails with attachments containing JavaScript (which will be in your output).

Secondly, if you send your files as a zipped package, it's recommended that you provide special instructions to Windows users. E.g.,

  1. Right-click and choose Extract all... 
  2. Then follow the steps to zip the output to a folder.
  3. Double-click on the extracted index.html file to open it in your web browser.

Windows lets users preview zip files without extracting them. Your HTML files will not display properly unless extracted.

The HTML depends on items in the assets folder, like images and CSS, to display properly. Unless the files are completely extracted, these items will not be found by the HTML file.