It's certainly possible to convert the in5 output to SCORM. It would mean adding a manifest, attaching some custom JavaScript, and zipping it up. 

In the future, in5 might be able to do all this packaging, scoring and metadata, but for now, it will be a manual add.

Here are the steps in more detail. 

1) Initialization of the LMS via JavaScript (plus some basic calls for scoring and to close the course module).

You would just need a generic SCORM JavaScript file, you'd then have to make a call to initialize the SCORM module and a call to trigger completion.

You would have to include both the custom JavaScript file and the generic SCORM JavaScript file with the in5 output.

How to attach JavaScript files to in5 output:

2) Before zipping the files together, you need an imsmanifest.xml file that points to your index.html file for the LMS to load up.

3) Zip all the files together as a package (index.html, imsmanifest.xml, and the assets folder).

You will almost certainly want the help of an experienced developer (this is not a task for a non-coding designer).

If you haven't done it before, you might want to hire a contractor to help. 

Here are additional details on the process: