This is a customization that works with the Continuous Scroll (Vertical) format.

It does not currently work with Desktop Scaling applied.

To apply, use the Resources section of the in5 dialog to attach the following code as a .js file:

  var responsive = false; /*if true, collapses to single column when window shrinks*/
  var hasCover = true; /*sets the first page apart, & potentially the last page*/
  var pages = $('.pages').css({'width':pageW*2, 'max-width': responsive ? '100%' : pageW*2}).find('.page').css({'margin':0, 'border':0, 'padding':0});
  if(hasCover) { pages.first().css({'margin-left':1,'float':'right'}); }

The output will look something like the following image after the code is applied.

screenshot of vertical spreads