Animated GIF files can get pretty large. Here a few tips to get smaller files.

  1. Lower the frame rate when recording with the in5 Animated GIF Maker. 12 fps is often enough for animation, but you might even get away with less. Fewer frames means smaller files.
  2. Optimize your GIF after you save it. Version 2 of the GIF Maker has built in optimization options that appear after the GIF has been recorded, but before you save (images below).

Before saving, you'll see this preview screen:

preview with optimization

You can adjust the setting and hit the Optimize button. It will show you the new file size before you save and update the preview.

optimized with updated file size

Click on < Recording if you need to go back and re-record (e.g., to adjust the frame rate).

Make sure to Save when you done.

(For files created with older versions of the GIF Maker, you can use this recommended tool: