You can set Presentation Mode (in5 > Enhancements > Presentation Mode) to automatically loop your content by selecting Loop in the Presentation Mode dialog.

If you'd like to set a specific number of loops, then attach the following code via the Resources section of the export dialog and follow the steps below:

var presLoopNum = 3;
    if(nav.current === nav.numPages){ presLoopNum--; }
    if(!presLoopNum){ presmode.loop = false; }

Code Explanation

The lines above doing the following:

  1. Set the number of loops
  2. Check to see when each page is rendered
  3. If the current page is the last page, then subtract 1 from the number of loops
  4. If there are no loops left, see the Presentation Mode loop variable to false so that the presentation will no longer loop
  5. (close the page rendered event)