The End Result

Here's how to create an object that pulses on roll over like the following example:

How to Achieve the Effect

Follow the steps in InDesign to create the a pulse effect on roll over.

  1. Create the object (such as a rectangle or an image).
  2. Convert the object to a button (Window > Interactive > Buttons and Forms).
  3. In the Animation panel (Window > Interactive > Animation),
    • Add the Pulse animation preset to the button.
    • Set the animation to Loop.
  4. In the Buttons and Forms panel, give the button an On Roll Over event with an Animation action set to Play.
  5. Give the button an On Roll Off event with an Animation action set to Stop.
  6. Go back to the Animation panel and deselect On Page Load so that the only Events are On Roll Over and On Roll Off.

Then you can add an On Release or Tap event to the button if you'd like to add another action such as Go To URL.

And then you have a working pulse on roll over that you can export to HTML with in5: