When you use Presentation Mode (in5 > Enhancements > Presentation Mode), set it to Enable Autoplay and Loop, and export with the Slider (Horizontal) page format, you may have noticed that by default the pages appear to shuffle when it goes back to the first slide.

Here's an example a carousel made with Presentation Mode using the default transitions:

If you'd like to make the slides continuously slide and not shuffle back to the beginning without using code, you can use Custom Slide Transitions. Here's how:
  • Go to in5 > Enhancements > Custom Slide Transitions
  • Set in: to Right
  • Set out: to Left
  • Click the Apply to all pages... button

An alternate approach using code would be to add the following JavaScript to the Resources section of the export dialog to append a JavaScript file with custom settings for the slider using a variable named sliderSettings. These settings will be respected when the slider is initialized (if the Anything Slider allows them). Here's an example of that code:

sliderSettings = { infiniteSlides: true, showMultiple: true };