There are a few ways that you can add hotspots or actions to videos to make them interactive using InDesign and in5:
  • Make a button over the video
    • You can draw a shape such as a rectangle with Rectangle tool in InDesign over a placed video (File > Place) and convert the rectangle to a button in the Buttons and Forms panel (Window > Interactive > Buttons and Forms). When the rectangle is a button, then you can add actions.

  • Use the in5 Video interactive widget to add an End Action
    • Place the video in InDesign. With the video selected, go to in5 > Interactive Widgets > Video, and under End Action, select either Go to Next Page to advance to the next page or Go to State which switches states in a multi-state object (MSO) that can act like a pop-up by changing from an empty state (Object States panel menu > Add "Empty" State) to a state containing content after the video plays.

  • Create a slideshow from an MSO and add buttons on a particular state
    • Create an MSO, add buttons to the desired state(s), and use the Slideshow interactive widget (in5 > Interactive Widgets > Slideshow) to add a cross dissolve between the states, duration, tapping to play/pause control, and loop (if desired).

  • Embed a YouTube video with end screens
  • Create an OAM file in another application and place it in InDesign
Then export your InDesign layout using in5 to convert it to HTML5.