When you're making a tall page that scrolls or a one-page scrolling site, you may want add a button that allows the user easily return to the top. There are a couple of approaches that you can use to make the button:

  • With an in5 Gold plan, you can apply Fixed Position Element (in5 > Interactive Widgets > Fixed Position Element) to an object and set the Action in the Fixed Position Element panel set to Scroll to top.

    When you apply Fixed Position Element to an object, make sure that you set the scaling based on the scaling set for the document (if you're using Desktop Scaling, set Scaling in the Fixed Position Element panel to Use Desktop Scaling (document setting).

  • With any in5 plan, make a button (Window > Interactive > Buttons and Forms) with the Action set to Go To First Page.

    You can put this button on the Parent page so that it appears on every page.

The jump-to-top button is shown in the demo video below.

If you're interested in learning more about using Fixed Position Elements in a live project situation, check out our video course on creating a One-Page Scrolling Website.