With InDesign and in5, you can make 3D Flip Cards from Multi-state Objects (MSOs) that have two object states.

When you export your content as HTML5 with in5, clicking on the 3D Flip Card flips it over to reveal the content on the other state.

So then, can you make a 3D Flip Card that autoplays and loops without clicking on it?

Yes, you can add the in5 Slideshow widget (in5 > Interactive Widgets > Slideshow) to your 3D Flip Card. Because a 3D Flip Card is made with an MSO, the Slideshow widget which lets you set how an MSO plays, you can apply its Autoplay and Loop settings to your 3D Flip Card.

Here are the steps:

  1. Make the content that will be used for one side of the 3D Flip Card.
  2. Group the content.
  3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 for the content that will go on the other side.
  4. Select both groups.
  5. In the Object States panel (Window > Interactive > Object States), click the + button at the bottom of the panel to Convert selection to multi-state object.
  6. With the MSO selected, go to in5 > Interactive Widgets > 3D Flip Card.
  7. In the 3D Flip Card panel, set the Flip Direction to either Horizontally or Vertically
  8. With the MSO/3D Flip Card still selected, go to in5 > Interactive Widgets > Slideshow
  9. In the Slideshow panel, set Auto Play and Loop. You can turn off the Cross Fade transition and set additional options as desired. (Be aware that you can select either Tap to Play/Pause or Swipe but not both.)

This effect is used in the venetian blinds transition effect shown in the video below.