There are a couple of ways that you could make a splash screen with InDesign and in5:

Make a splash screen using a pop-up 

Use either the in5 Pop-up Builder (in5 > Build Wizards > Pop-up Builder) or manually create a pop-up with a multi-state object (MSO) and buttons. Just make sure that the first object state is the one with the splash screen and the 2nd object state is the "empty" one.

The process is similar to creating a pop-up ad with the splash screen content instead of an ad.

Make a splash screen with a video that includes an End Action


Make a video for your splash screen for the length of time that you'd like it to appear on the first page. Then use the in5 Video widget (in5 > Interactive Widgets > Video) to set the following:

  • Auto Play and Mute - these settings are the workaround for browsers that restrict auto-playing video without user interaction.
  • End Action: Go to Next Page - this setting automatically advances the user to the next page as soon as the video finishes playing.

With InDesign and in5, you can customize and brand your content in a variety of ways.