If you have installed in5 but receive this in5 Conversion Progress bar (Unpacking optimization library for use...) and it doesn't go away...

This occurs when a non-Ajar installation process (e.g., ZXP installer or Adobe Exchange) was used and the in5 directory lacks the necessary permission to unpack the image optimization libraries for use during export.

Possible fixes are listed below.

Solution 1

Navigation in your Finder to your InDesign directory within your Applications folder (this can be done by right-clicking on the application in the Dock and choosing Options > Show in Finder).

Inside the InDesign application folder, navigate to Scripts/in5_v3/bin. Unzip any .zip files in that folder (by double-clicking in most cases). After you've unpacked the zipped files, then can be deleted.

The next time you export with in5 using image optimization, you won't see this unpacking message and your export should complete as expected.

Solution 2

It may also work to simply give InDesign permission to control items in your Finder, so that in5 can unpack the libraries for you.

Here is a possible solution: 

1. Select System Preferences (from the Apple Menu)

2. Click Security & Privacy

3. Select the Privacy Tab

4. Select Automation (you may need to scroll down)

5. Select the checkbox next to the "System Events.app" for the Adobe InDesign [your version]