There are a few reasons that you may not be able to login to the in5 online account.

  1. You haven't purchased an in5 subscription yet. After purchasing in5, you'll be sent an email to create your in5 online account. If you'd like to purchase an in5 subscription, please see the in5 Purchase page. Here's more information about what happens after purchasing:
          • What happens after I purchase in5? How do I access serial numbers for licensing?
  2. You have purchased in5, but you haven't clicked the link in the email that gets sent to you to in order to create your in5 online account. If for some reason, you don't get that email, check your Spam folder. You can also reach out to our support if you haven't gotten that email:
  3. You are or will be set up as a user on the account but are not the admin. Only the admin on the in5 account can login to the in5 online account. Here more information about the differences between an admin and a user:
          • What's the difference between an Admin and a User with an in5 online account? 

    If you would like to activate in5 from within InDesign, then check with the admin on your account to request any of the following to activate in5 after installing in5 in InDesign (in5 > Info and Updates...) :
    • The combination of your email address and pass code that your admin set up for you in the in5 online account.
    • The user serial number that your admin can find by clicking on the three dots below your user email in the in5 online account.
    • The root serial number as long as there are open user slots available as it creates an auto-generated user. It is also found in the in5 online account above the user information.

If you are the admin on the account but cannot login, use the Reset your password page. If you don't get the email to reset your password, check your Spam folder. And  you can reach out to us if you haven't gotten that email. 

For additional information on activation and editing user information that may help your admin, see the following articles: