Yes, in October 2023, in5 was updated to work with InDesign 2024 in version 3.8.15. You can download the most recent version that includes additional updates here:

If you're checking whether in5 works with InDesign 2024, you may be using in5 with InDesign 19.0.1 and have gotten the "Loading license and interfaces..." message or "unable to load Adobe InDesign 2024 Type Library" error. InDesign 19.0.1 appears to reset the Run as Administrator setting that causes the error. To use in5 with InDesign 19.0.1, try running InDesign as administrator or resetting if it was previously set.

Here are the steps for how to run InDesign as administrator on Windows:
  1. Quit InDesign
  2. Go to the Start menu and type InDesign in the Search or right-click on InDesign in the Taskbar
  3. Right-click on Adobe InDesign 2024 in the either the results of the Search menu or in the menu that appears in the Taskbar
  4. Select Run as administrator

Here is information on how to run InDesign as administrator on macOS:

It appears to be a long-standing bug with InDesign that comes back with certain updates (we're seeing it a lot with the InDesign 19.0.1 update):

If you're in an environment where you can't run InDesign as administrator, try reverting to either InDesign 19.0 or 18.5. Here's information on how to install a previous version:

We've also gotten feedback that after uninstalling InDesign and reinstalling it, in5 worked.

You can also try using the Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner tool before reinstalling:

Another user said that deleting all files in the [username]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Indesign folder worked for them. 

It's possible that Adobe's future releases of InDesign may resolve this issue.